What’s the big deal?

We took the smart home electronics available today…

…and made PLUGAWAY more compact, more intuitive, more open, and much more affordable than anything else out there!

PLUGAWAY produces simple-to-use, super affordable Smart Plugs & LED Bulbs, that let you wirelessly control and monitor your home from your smart devices.

Even better, it will be open & firmware free. 

Join us.


We also need you to help us share this dream. The only way for us to do this, is with your help and support.

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Join us.

Give it your personality.

Build anything you want! The app should be open. You can call it anything you desire! Put it to use with IFTTT, or build a supreme app and share it with others on our open library. Make skins with your company logo. After all…it’s Yours.

Light Dimming & Mood Settings

WHAT IF you want to dim the nightlight in your child’s bedroom without waking her up? Simply select your light, or schedule it to dim at midnight. You can also set up your entire house in the Mood & Theme options to personalize your various desired moods.

Energy Consumption & Remote Monitoring

WHAT IF you keep getting those big electrical bills, or your family restaurant really needs to be more economically efficient ? NOW you can know exactly what is costing you what, by hour or day or month, and exactly what time it’s using more or less..

Sleep, Awake, & Schedule Modes

WHAT IF you’re late for work again and running out of the house. With a single tap on your smartphone, you can switch ON or OFF anything you want in your home – by category (such as living room or bedroom) or specifically – like the coffee maker burning that leftover brew …

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